My name is Maria and I was born in 1976.

I’m an artist and I produce silver jewelry.
I like to think about the person who will wear my jewelry while I work. I think that when craftsmanship and heart are incorporated in artwork, it seemed to call its future owner to find him. Creating an ornament, I do want to leave my own signature on it; I believe that each and every single one of my works is a kind of message to its owner.
Admiring the long-time tradition, I would like my decorations to not feel alien to the world we live in, but to bear my signature, to show others how I see the beauty of nature, inspiring my ideas, even when they are embodied in small sculptural forms, supporting my clients in their daily lives. I am convinced that in order to express something nice, you do not need anything complicated, and so is the language of art. I try for the messages in that language to be clear, hoping you also feel likewise about them.
Of the pictures presented here, you will see that my jewelry both resembles and differs from one another. This is because they are just like words – each of them is for someone special.